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Types of Trees in Georgia

Here you can find information on all types of trees in Georgia. Please check back often as we regularly update the information and add new pictures.

Yellow Buckeye

The yellow buckeye tree is an attractive dense tree that is used in landscaping applications to provide shade in yards. It grows to a height of 60’-75’ tall and requires little maintenance. This tree requires at least six hours of direct sunlight per day to grow properly. The yellow buckeye grows in an oval shape and is known for its leaves which turn a lovely shade of orange in the fall.

River Birch

The river birch tree is a landscaping tree valued for its rapid growth and unique features such as its curling bark. Once left to grow on the river bank and used to prevent soil erosion, this tree is now reaching the same popularity as many maple and oak trees. At full maturity, the river birch can grow to a height of 40’-70’ tall.


The dogwood tree blossoms in spring with beautiful white flowers, provides green foliage in the summer, beautiful scarlet leaves in the fall and red berries in the winter. Dogwood trees grow to be between 20 and 40 feet tall at maturity. This tree’s wood has a long history of being used to make small items such as daggers and arrows as well as gold club heads.

Sugar Maple

The sugar maple is known for its importance as the source of valuable maple syrup as well as quality timber. It is also known for its beautiful appearance in all seasons of the year, with its leaves turning various shades of yellow, orange and red throughout the year. The sugar maple grows to a height of 60’-75’ tall at maturity.