Tree Removal – Tree Cutting and Chipping

We offer fast, affordable tree removal services for both residential and commercial customers throughout North Atlanta including in Roswell, Alpharetta, Milton, Kennesaw, Crabapple, Cumming, Brookhavem, Buckhead, Cobb County, and Gwinnett County.


Emergency Tree Removal Services

If you have an oak tree, pine tree, or other tree that must be removed quickly, or has become lodged against another tree or structure, we can help. Please call for details.

Fallen Tree Removal


If you have a fallen tree that is blocking your driveway or is causing other problems we will give your fallen tree removal precedence in our schedule. Please call now for details.

Dangerous Tree Removal


Even healthy trees that have grown too close to your home, driveway or other structures need to be removed by our expert team as soon as possible.

Insurance companies routinely disallow tree fall damage claims if it can be determined that the fallen tree was diseased or dying and the homeowner did not take action.

When you consider how little our tree removal pricing is, there is no reason to prolong the decision to remove your problem trees. They aren’t getting any smaller.

Hire an Insured and Bonded Tree Cutting Company

We carry all proper license and insurance policies and we will show them to you before we step foot on your property. Unfortunately there are many companies in the tree service industry who are not licensed or insured! Don’t invite them onto your property! If they quote a price that’s half what other reputable companies quote, you will get exactly what you pay for. It’s not worth the risk.

Although their tree cutting service may be well-intentioned, hiring these uninsured companies is not in your best interest. You, the homeowner, will be liable for both damage to your property, your neighbor’s property, plus any injury that non-insured workers sustain while working (or eating lunch) on your property!

Large and Dead Tree Removal


Large tree removal and dead tree removal are two of the most dangerous elements in the tree removal service industry today.

Tree Trimming

We offer fast, affordable tree trimming services (also known as dead wooding) for both residential and commercial customers throughout Metro Atlanta and points north.


Free Tree Trimming Estimates

Since our tree trimming estimate is free, and we beat all written estimates made by our competitors there is really no reason to wait, so please call us today!

We Beat Written Tree Trimming Estimates

If you have received an estimate tree trimming or deadwooding from a legitimate tree service, call us before work begins and get the service for less!

Tree Trimming Helps Your Trees

The pine tree often loses its bottom branches as it grows. This looks unsightly and also reduces tree vigor, inviting insects and disease.


Trimming off the dead and dying branches, known as deadwooding, helps the tree resist these problems and makes your property more attractive. We can give you a per-tree price on this service.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is vital for better growth for stable and healthy trees while adding to the beauty and value of your property.

Tree Crown Thinning

Crown thinning and reduction is very important for many species of trees. Tree pruning helps improve your trees in many ways including:

  • High wind protection
  • Drooping limb prevention
  • Broken tree limb prevention
  • Tree disease prevention
  • Increased visibility

Tree Maintenance

Maintained trees add great value and enjoyment to your home or property.


Tree Pruning Can Boost Tree Health

Regular tree pruning also promotes increased tree immune system function against fungus and bacterial tree infections and disease.

Please call now for details!

Tree Stump Grinding

Aside from aesthetic reasons, tree stump grinding and removal may be considered a last resort, but there are circumstances when it is necessary.

Trees of Georgia will help you determine whether how crucial it is to remove the tree stump, as well as consider the possible consequences of waiting.

If you have received an estimate to remove a tree stump from a legitimate tree removal service, call us before work begins, we will beat the the tree estimate and get the tree removed for less!

Why Do People Grind Tree Stumps?

Tree stumps can attract insects that can damage the wood of nearby trees and plants. They also attract wood eating termites which may migrate to your home.

It is always best to have us grind and remove any tree stumps without waiting. Just keep in mind that you should wait 6 months before replanting in the same spot as the organic material and roots will continue to deplete the nitrogen out of the soil for a period of time.

Firewood Delivery – Firewood For Sale

We provide Georgia families with seasoned and hot-burning firewood delivery at great prices by the half cord, face cord or truckload.  Delivery and stacking fees may apply, so please call for details!

Firewood is hand-cut and dried for seasoning, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor fireplaces or wood burning stoves.

Our firewood is for sale in half cords, face cords, or by the truckload.

Seasoned Firewood For Both Indoor and Outdoor Fireplaces

With added demand for firewood to fuel outdoor fireplaces and fire rings, we are anticipating greater demand for firewood this year than previous seasons – so please order early.

Please call now to experience the customer service we are known for in North Georgia!