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Trees of Georgia has over 10 years experience in tree removal & tree care and has been building a long list of happy clients since 2007. Conducting business with the highest ethical standards is what we are known for. We have built our arbor business on safety, integrity & responsive customer service. We offer free estimates and guarantee that we will beat the price of any licensed Georgia tree company. Trees of Georgia has been Atlanta’s trusted tree service of choice for over 10 years. We will gladly handle your Marietta GA tree service and Sandy Springs GA tree removal needs.

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  • Tree Cutting
  • Tree Removal
  • Fallen Tree Removal
  • Emergency Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Stump Grinding
  • Disease & Pest Inspection
  • Chipping & Hauling
  • Emergency Storm Damage
  • Hurricane Cleanup
  • Firewood Delivery

Questions About Tree Service Roswell GA

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Interested homeowners call us all the time and ask these important questions about tree cutting:

How much does it cost to take down a tree?

How much does it cost to cut down a giant tree?

Do you need a permit to cut down a tree in your yard?

What is tree removal?

Can I get my tree cut down for free?

How much does it cost to cut down a 50 foot tree?

Does anyone remove trees for free?

Is it cheaper to cut down trees in the winter?

How do I get rid of an unwanted tree?

Can I force my neighbor to cut down a tree?

Can I force my neighbor to trim his tree?

Do I need permission to cut down a tree on my property?

Do I need HOA approval to cut down a tree in my yard?

Do I need to contact my city government before I cut down a tree?

Will your trucks mess up my lawn?

Will you cut up my tree into firewood and let me keep it?

How long does it take to remove a tree from my yard?

Do you work on weekends?

Should I tell my neighbor that I am removing a tree?

Does it matter what time of year I get you to remove my tree?

Who is liable if my tree falls on my neighbor’s property?

Does homeowners insurance pay for dead tree removal?

Who’s responsible for trees overhanging?

Does homeowners insurance cover tree removal from storm?

Is a dead tree covered by homeowners insurance?

Can you claim tree removal on taxes?

How can I contact my city’s arborist to come check out my tree?

Can I get a quantity discount if I have a lot of trees that I need cut down?

Does my tree removal company need a license?

Can I cut down my own tree?

What happens if I cut down a tree without permission?

What should it cost to cut down a tree?

Can I fell my own tree?

Does my tree removal company need liability insurance?

Insurance companies routinely deny fallen tree damage claims if it can be determined that the tree was diseased or dying.  Thus it is the homeowner’s responsibility to remove a dangerous tree before it falls on top of your house or car.

Trees have an expansive network of roots that grows over time. The root system  can take up a great deal of underground space, and occasionally those roots will grow near the foundation of your home or building. That’s when they become a threat. Roots can cause enough pressure against the foundation to affect your home or building directly. They can create unevenness in the soil’s moisture level which then causes disproportionate settling of the foundation. To avoid costly structural repairs to your home or building, it is best to remove these intrusive trees sooner rather than later. Usually what happens is a builder plants a tree close to a new home when the tree is young but the builder fails to account for the size of a full-grown tree in 10 – 20 years.

Common causes of premature tree death include disease and environmental conditions like fire, ice storm, hurricanes or lightning. When you consider tree removal cost in comparison to the danger that a dead or damaged tree poses to your family & home there is no comparison.

We provide free estimates on cutting down one or more trees.  Please call or click the contact us button now to receive a no cost, no obligation quote from a qualified and professional tree removal service in Roswell, Georgia!

Same-Day Tree Removal Service Available

At Trees of Georgia, we are ready to begin when you need us! Most of the time we can come out and give you an estimate the same day, and possibly start work that day. We understand the risk and inconvenience that a fallen or dangerous tree causes. Our staff will schedule your appointment as soon as possible.

For all of your Roswell GA tree service and Alpharetta GA tree removal jobs call (770) 882-4955 and ask for Roy.