Trees of Georgia

Welcome to Trees of Georgia.  We are a well respected tree removal & tree care service. Conducting business with the highest ethical standards is of the utmost importance. Our company is a professional tree service that has been serving Atlanta and the northern Atlanta metro area since 2007. We have built our business on safety, integrity & world class customer service. We offer free estimates and guarantee that we will beat the price of any licensed Georgia tree company. Trees of Georgia has been Atlanta’s trusted tree service of choice for over 10 years.

We provide :

  • Tree Removal
  • Fallen Tree Removal
  • Emergency Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Stump Grinding

We never leave your property until you are thrilled with our service!

Dangerous Tree Removal Service

Trees that are too close to your home, driveway or other structures should be removed by our expert team. This includes healthy trees. The expected life span of a tree varies depending on the type of tree.  There are some trees only live 15 to 20 years while others live for hundreds of years. It is important to have your trees inspected annually to make sure that they are healthy and pose no threats to your home. When a tree completes it’s lifecycle it should be removed immediately.  Dead trees will quickly deteriorate and become hazardous to your home, family and guest.

When a tree with disease is discovered it should be immediately removed because the disease can spread from tree to tree, eventually killing all nearby trees. Our team can quickly identify troubled trees and recommend an action plan to keep your family and property safe.

Hazardous weather conditions can cause a healthy tree to fall and create very dangerous situations where emergency tree removal is necessary. Potentially dangerous trees near your home or office should be removed before dangerous weather conditions worsen your tree problem.

Insurance companies routinely disallow fallen tree damage claims if it can be determined that the fallen tree was diseased or dying as homeowner’s responsibility.


Trees have an expansive network of roots that grows over time. The root system  can take up a great deal of underground space and occasionally those roots will grow near the foundation of your home or building, becoming a threat. Roots can cause enough pressure against the foundation to affect your home or building directly or they can create unevenness in the soil’s moisture level which then causes disproportionate settling of the foundation. In order to avoid structural repairs to your home or building, it is best to remove these types of trees sooner rather than later.

Common causes of premature tree death include disease and environmental conditions such as fire, ice storm, hurricanes or lightening . When you consider tree removal cost in comparison to the danger that a dead or damaged tree poses to your family & home there is no comparison.

We provide free estimates.  Please call or click the contact us button now to receive a no cost, no obligation quote from the most qualified and professional tree removal service in Georgia!

Emergency Tree Service

At Trees of Georgia, we are ready when you need us! Most of the time we can provide our tree services on the same day. We understand the risk and inconvenience that a fallen or dangerous tree causes. Our staff will schedule your appointment as soon as possible.